Old Site

This is the link to the old site:

Before launching this site, I originally already had a blog-focused site which occupied this domain for over a month. It was my first ever deploying a wordpress site. I kinda loved it at first because it looks professional and simple enough, but a problem arose. I deployed my site using Portainer+docker, somehow the stack just let loose and forget existing, only able to start and stop, letting it rot not getting the latest update and security patches. I also got bored looking at the unnecessarily sterile style, more of a corporate look, while knowing I was not.

So I jumped aboard and start a new VM with another docker, now running on CentOS, so nothing will get fucked up ever again. Leaving this site alone unattended, floating in the empty space, without the touch of a human hands caring for it, I would expect that someday the site will encounter a hack, probably from the fact it became outdated really fast, since the VM is already too outdated at this point.