Jesus Christ, you came here? Why even bother visiting this site, since there’s practically nothing here. My name is Michelle and I’m not racist because I’m neither white or stereotypically asian. I’m just myself and I don’t care how would anyone perceive me, although I still prefer a small talk about something other than quieting alone.

On this site, I post many stuff that I like be it music, audiophile things, and nerdy shit you probably never cared about, but I do. Deal with it.

Two of my favorite on going hobby is audio and photography and both cost me an arm and leg. I belief everything in the audio space can be explained by measurable qualities either how detailed some transducer is or how those stuffs comply to the average preference curve. There’s no such thing as techincalities as it is just a function of a price increase and tasteful coloration. In the photography space, I do not really do much these days as my explorative age (usually during high school or before) has ended, and now I have to face the realities of academic landscape of Indonesian state funded public university. I’ve become more and more encouraged to give myself a small treat, stuff like photography won’t do for a quick, which audio as a hobby would always do. So yeah, my photography hobby is dying but I still have another hobby. In the end, I still love both but circumstances held me back on several points.

Damn you for actually reading this, I felt relieved and kinda embarrased, but I actually love it secretly.